Episode 48: Jenn Kidd (Nightlight Cinema/Executive Director) Part 1 “People have become feral”

Jenn Kidd is the Executive Director of The Nightlight Cinema located in downtown Akron. Jenn is also the former booker/manager of Musica, a hair stylist and fashion consultant for theater productions as well as handling the booking for the legendary Akron music venue, The Lime Spider. Jenn is also a mom and an old friend. […]

Episode 39: The Danzig Ambush

It’s an AMBUSH!!! But, it’s also Halloween so we’re talkin’ Danzig. But in the spirit of the season, TRICKS not treats, and jump scares, I’ve attacked several of my unknowing friends with a question; Of Danzig’s three biggest projects (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits), what are the 3 best songs? I ambushed Chris Wyatt (co-host Nickel […]