Episode 84: Brian ‘Clevo’ Ristau (Ten Yard Fight) “False Hope: The heart of it all”

Brian was the bassist for Boston hardcore band Ten Yard Fight and is a frequent contributor to the 185 Miles South podcast. Hardcore-punk is a small world? Sometimes… Brian and I have been in the same room countless times, we have a million mutuals and have been “followers” of each other on social media, yet […]

Episode 60: Rant

It has been over a month since the last episode was posted. The next interview episode should be up soon. I just wanted to catch up with everyone in the interim, but ended up rambling on a little more than I intended. Thanks for checking in, Larry

Episode 25: Todd Swalla (Laughing Hyenas/Necros/Boogaloosa Prayer) Part 1 “You Wanna See My Basement?”

Todd Swalla has been in some pretty good bands – actually pretty great bands. So it only stands to reason that I’d want to see what he was into. Todd was kind enough to hand out for a bit and we had a fun discussion. Want to hear about how I embarrassed myself in front […]