Episode 76: Mikey Juba (Nervous Future, Persistent Aggressor) “Things can only get better”

Mikey is one of my favorite people. As bandmates in Persistent Aggressor we would often talk music before (during) and after practice at length – it was always a good time. So it only made sense to have him on! Warning. For those of you with sensitive souls that can’t handle real talk about pay-to-play […]

Episode 19: Jon Vinson (Axioma, Six Kills Nine, Persistent Aggressor) Part 1 “Djent – the dumbest name for a genre…ever.”

Jon Vinson is a busy guy. Not only is he the drummer for Axioma, Six Kills Nine, occasionally for Child Bite, Jesus Egg and Persistent Aggressor – Jon is also a drum instructor and an insane marathon runner. Jon is incredibly talented which explains why he is in such demand. He was kind enough to […]