Episode 39: The Danzig Ambush

It’s an AMBUSH!!! But, it’s also Halloween so we’re talkin’ Danzig. But in the spirit of the season, TRICKS not treats, and jump scares, I’ve attacked several of my unknowing friends with a question; Of Danzig’s three biggest projects (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits), what are the 3 best songs? I ambushed Chris Wyatt (co-host Nickel […]

Episode 28: Chris Wyatt (co-host Nickel City Soundtrack) Part 1 “Here come the Taste Police”

Chris Wyatt is a co-host for the Buffalo based, Buffalo centric podcast “Nickel City Soundtrack”. I met Chris is either 1990 or 91 during my time as a writer for Crunchface Fanzine. Chris was a part of Crew Cutt Fanzine and traveling from Buffalo to Chicago when he stopped in Akron to hang out. We […]