Episode 83: Grindcore Draft with Tim Shauver (Shotgun Sodomy) and Marc Sabo (Orion’s Sword) “He’s like a hillbilly Hulk Hogan”

It has been a minute! But, I’m back with a fun episode where my buddies Marc and Tim draft their grindcore starter kit. Here are some of the bands we consider; Assück, Repulsion, Mongrel, Napalm Death, Discordance Axis, Cloud Rat, Gross, Siege, Extreme Noise Terror, Carcass, Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Iabhorher, PLF and a whole lot more!

Episode 82: Elyse (guitarist/vocalist of Avowal) “The phrase ‘Pop Punk’ is a slur”

Elyse an I have only been pals for a short time, but I always love talking music with her. She has depth of knowledge and listens to a wide variety of music – but we love talking metal. Here’s a sample of what we ramble on about; Eyehategod, Soundgarden, Axioma, Carcass, Neil Young, Siege, Minor […]

Episode 76: Mikey Juba (Nervous Future, Persistent Aggressor) “Things can only get better”

Mikey is one of my favorite people. As bandmates in Persistent Aggressor we would often talk music before (during) and after practice at length – it was always a good time. So it only made sense to have him on! Warning. For those of you with sensitive souls that can’t handle real talk about pay-to-play […]