Episode 15: Five and Change “A Metallic KO Without A Shirtless Septaugenarian”

In the early 90’s Integrity’s “Those Who Fear Tomorrow” changed the face of hardcore – for better or worse. After that Lp there was a deluge of bands playing a type of hardcore that had less in common with punk and began playing metal with a hardcore aesthetic. Still, many people still called it “hardcore”. […]

Episode 4: Jeff Jingle (Writer/producer/director/practical effects artist, vocalist of Anguish) Part 1 “Once we were meanies.”

Ohio native, Jeff Jingle is the vocalist /guitarist for the metallic hardcore band Anguish. Anguish released a 7″ Ep on Dark Empire in 1996, beut have regrouped to record a follow up Lp. Jeff has been living in Los Angeles for over two decades and was an Animatronic FX designer and supervisor on an extensive […]