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Episode 72: Donnie Brown (Hyper As Hell, The Brides, Asphalt) ”Drove 2000 miles to shop at Square Records”

I’ve known Donnie Brown for quite a while now. We first met when he was the vocalist for The Brides, but I was aware of his music since his days in Hyper As Hell. The thought of playing music was inspired by my cousins Tami and Shelley, who were already playing music in bands by the time they moved away to San Francisco. However, I would never thought it remotely possible had I not seen Hyper As Hell live. It would be an understatement to say that their impact on my “musical development” was severe. So, it only made sense that I invite Donnie on to talk music.

We sat down at Square Records and here is some of what we cover;

Spike in Vein, Domestic Crisis, False Hope, The Guns, The Birthday Party, Celtic Frost, Breakdown, SNFU, as well as his bands – The Brides, Hyper as Hell and Asphalt.

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