Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 64: Liam O'Donnell (Cinepunx) Part 2 "I'm not crying, YOU'RE crying"

Liam is one half of the amazing Cinepunx! Along with his co-conspirator Josh Alvarez, Liam takes deep dives into films old and new. Knowing that Liam is an old timey hardcore punk, I thought he’d make a great guest. I touch on a very serious topic at the beginning of the episode, but this is definitely a fun conversation! This is PART TWO of a two part episode – If you haven’t listened to Part One yet, start there.

Here’s some of the stuff we touch on;
Sue Saad and the Next, Killing Time, Bold, Bobby Womack, Cro Mags, Sufjan Stevens, Integrity and Kermit the Frog.

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