Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 56: Five and Change "Voivod Mix Tape" Part 1

Anyone that has listened to this podcast more than once knows that my two favorite bands are Black Sabbath and Voivod. There are no other bands that I have lived with longer, listened to more and occupy as much space in my head and heart. Black Sabbath is greatly, if not universally loved, whereas Voivod is far more divisive. So, in spite of the fact that they are one of my two absolute favorites, I don’t really push them on folks. I’m very expressive and effusive when speaking about them, but I understand why their blend of Motorhead, Venom, Discharge, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Die Kreuzen and Killing Joke might not have a broad appeal.

But, I thought it might be fun to pretend I was making a mix for a friend and compiled 90 minutes worth of Voivod (enough to fit a cassette) for anyone that is curious. With some reasonable exceptions, I tried to cover the breadth of their career and picked out some of my favorite songs by the “Iron Gang”. I’m not an “expert”, but I included a little bit of extemporaneous exposition to go along with the selected tracks. I hope you enjoy it and I encourage anyone that is even a little bit curious to dive in a little deeper. I’ve included a link to the Apple Music playlist that accompanies this episode below.

This is Part 1 of 2.

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