Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 55: Nancy Barile (author) "I'm Not Holding Your Coat"

Nancy Barile has seen things. She has seen some awesome things and not so awesome things. The former has informed Nancy on how to deal with the latter and fortunately for us, she’s documented all of it in her memoir “I’m Not Holding Your Coat”. Nancy grew up a suburban, Catholic school girl that fell in love with music and eventually found her way to hardcore-punk. But, she wasn’t just a spectator content to sit on sidelines. She managed bands and booked shows during the first wave of 80’s hardcore. Nancy has also been an english teacher for the past 29 years – so naturally I was eager to speak with her about some of the music that had impacted her life.

Here’s some of the artists we cover;
Ohio Players, David Bowie, The O’Jays, SS Decontrol, Bad Brains and Blondie.

You can order her memoir from

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