Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 52: David Giffels "Of Banks, Spiders (Lime) and Barns"

David Giffels is a buddy of mine and the author of “Furnishing Eternity”, “The Hardway on Purpose”, “Barnstorming Ohio” and others. He was played guitar and was the vocalist for The Difficult and The May Company. David and I became acquainted at The Lime Spider in the early 2000’s – crossing paths infrequently thereafter. However, I’ve enjoyed his work and knew he’d have some interesting insights of the Akron Music scene and music in general. I highly recommend “Furnishing Eternity”, but you can check out all his stuff at the link below.

We were able to get this is 1 Part and here are some the artists we talk about;
The Dark, Devo, Wussy, LCD Soundsystem, R.E.M.,Wilco, The Band, The Crucifucks and the Replacements.

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