Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 44: Five and Change "Haters Gonna Hate, Grinches Gonna Grinch"

Strong opinions give rise to strong reactions. BUT…never let it be said that I won’t give an artist a fair shake. Wanna hear me shit on some musicians, but still find a way to compliment them in a backhanded way? Well, here’s that stocking stuffer that all you folks with an axe to grind have been waiting for – this one’s for all you knuckleheads that wanna hear me say mean things about other people. Sort of… I’m still trying to focus on things I enjoy rather than being an asshole (just to watch myself do it). I’m still a Grinch, but I once had three apparitions pay me a visit and it caused me to see the error of my ways.

Here’s who I’m assassinating (sort of) this Christmas Eve;
Whitesnake, Bob Seger, Faster Pussycat, KISS, Van Halen, The Who, Aerosmith, The Clash, Sex Pistols and Ted Nugent. Plus, I say very unkind things about Josh Homme and Joe Bonamassa.

Merry Christmas. You’re welcome.

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