Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 30: Gavin Van Vlack (musician, martial artist) Part 2 "Total Cat Failure)

Gavin is a lifer. Whether as a musician (Absolution, Burn, Canonized, NY Hoods, Die 116) or as a martial artist, he has demonstrated a high level of dedication to his craft. Which, made him a perfect guest for the podcast! I mean, folks that are in it for the long haul SURELY have opinions on music (and other topics). Gavin did not disappoint! We had a pretty fun and vigorous conversation that covered a lot of ground;

AC/DC, Bark Market, Lunachicks, The Bar-Kays, Little Walter, Hayes Carll, Steely Dan, Aerosmith, The Cure, The Smiths, Nausea, Barry Crimins, and Foetus/JG Thirwell.



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