Episode 54: Davin (Marked for Life podcast, xKingdomx, Eaten Alive) “Only the SICKEST shit”

Davin grew up in rural Maine and discovered hardcore and punk through radio shows and mix tapes. She hasn’t been the same since. Marked for Life is modelled after the great college radio shows that focused on hardcore. Davin plays the “sickest shit” and has introduced me to a couple newer bands that I might […]

Episode 15: Five and Change “A Metallic KO Without A Shirtless Septaugenarian”

In the early 90’s Integrity’s “Those Who Fear Tomorrow” changed the face of hardcore – for better or worse. After that Lp there was a deluge of bands playing a type of hardcore that had less in common with punk and began playing metal with a hardcore aesthetic. Still, many people still called it “hardcore”. […]