Episode 52: David Giffels “Of Banks, Spiders (Lime) and Barns”

David Giffels is a buddy of mine and the author of “Furnishing Eternity”, “The Hardway on Purpose”, “Barnstorming Ohio” and others. He was played guitar and was the vocalist for The Difficult and The May Company. David and I became acquainted at The Lime Spider in the early 2000’s – crossing paths infrequently thereafter. However, […]

Episode 8: Brent Gargus (raconteur/skater/professional wise-ass) Part 2 “Yeah, we said it.”

Brent is my youngest brother (I’m the oldest of four). He was an incredible skater at a VERY early age and an all around phenomenal athlete. His love of music began when he started skating and is something that he and I have discussed ad-nauseum for our entire lives. I thought that it might be […]