Episode 36: Grey Gordon (Kill Surf City/Demolisten Podcast) Part 2 “Intelligent young people to wipe my ass”

Grey Gordon is the co-host of Demolisten podcast and impresario of Can I Kick it Vintage as well as the force behind Kill Surf City and guitarist of Parasitic Twins. As part of Demolisten, Grey listens to A LOT of music and has some pretty interesting takes on the stuff that appears on his podcast. […]

Episode 31: Dave Ignizio (Square Records) and Matt Haas (bassist of Actual Form) Part 1 “Dusty Old Men”

I’ve known Matt and Dave for a really long time. The conversation we had is very much like one of hundreds we’ve had at shows or inside Dave’s store, Square Records. The recording on this one is pretty dicey, but I love these guys and wanted to put it out there anyway.There’s a lot of […]

Episode 31: Dave Ignizio (Square Records) and Matt Haas (bassist of Actual Form) Part 2 “Iron Gang Akron Local 666”

Part 2 of my conversation with Dave and Matt. Matt and I go deep in the weeds on Voivod, while Dave looks bored. This is a fun one! Bikini Kill, Gang of Four, Patrick Sweany, Al Kooper, Shuggie Otis, Slant 6, Sonic Youth, D.O.C., Special Ed, Thelonious Monk, EPMD, Faces, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Voivod. […]

Episode 30: Gavin Van Vlack (musician, martial artist) Part 1 “Wednesday is the new Tuesday”

Gavin is a lifer. Whether as a musician (Absolution, Burn, Canonized, NY Hoods, Die 116) or as a martial artist, he has demonstrated a high level of dedication to his craft. Which, made him a perfect guest for the podcast! I mean, folks that are in it for the long haul SURELY have opinions on […]