Episode 1: (bassist of Deathcrawl/Supercorrupter) Jason Luchka “Two Verbose Dudes.”

This episode features Jason Luchka, bassist of Deathcrawl, Supercorrupter, and former program director of the legendary radio station V-Rock. We cover a lot of ground this episode. Bands/artists you’ll hear this episode:Clutch, Neurosis, Skinny Puppy, Warzone, Keelhaul, False Hope, Munly Lee Lewis and the Harlots, Sixteen Horsepower, Lozenge and Deadguy.

Episode Zero: Here’s a test that I am sure to get a failing grade.

I’m looking at maybe a 59% at best. Bleachmouth Post Script is an “interview” podcast that features folks originally from or currently residing the Akron (though not exclusively) discussing their favorite music. Typically my guests are people that I have met over the years through my involvement in the local music “scene”. Some of these […]