Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 9: Jason Sparkes (guitarist of Soul Charge/Unblind/Run Devil Run) Part 1 "Tales from Newark, Ohio. Rated PG."

Jason Sparkes is the guitarist for the Cleveland based hardcore band Soul Charge, as well as Run Devil Run and is an all around nice guy. He originally hails from Newark, Ohio where he first became involved in music. We talk about his influences and dance around a long, boring story to be told in another place and at another time. As the kids say, “we’re dusty” and talk about the differences between punk, hardcore and metal. Spoiler alert: We ultimately come to the conclusion that none of it matters. Listen anyway because it is a fun conversation.

Some of the bands we hit:

Sick of it All, Testament, Skitsystem, Entombed, Metallica, Bad Brains, Beyond, Burn, Inside Out, Danny Elfman, Born Against, Minor Threat, Sepultura, and DRI.

I strongly advise that you check Jason’s band Soul Charge.

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