Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 61: Shaun Filley (Annihilation Time, GSMF, Midnight, Puncture Wound) "I have to go pee"

I’ve known Shaun for a minute which is why I feel so bad that it took so long to get the episode out. But, it is worth the wait! You may have heard some of the bands Shaun’s been in or seen some of his artwork on some notable records. He is also opening his own print shop in Cleveland called Outside Graphics. Shaun is a fun dude and I enjoy our infrequent, but always rewarding conversations.

Here’s some of what we go into;

AC/DC, Metallica, Klaus Nomi, GG Allin, Carnivore, Easy Action, Laughing Hyenas, H-100s, Raw Power and 45 Grave.

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