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Episode 45: Five and Change "The Best of What Feels Like a Fucking Decade"

I’m exhausted.

2022 is around the corner. Read that again. Crazy, right? The past couple of years have felt like ten and the day, weeks, months and years still seem a blur. Most “music” related media content has or will be posting a “Best of 2021”. So, I guess I should follow suit. But, I’m slow on the uptake and there’s been a lot of stuff I’ve picked up that simply wouldn’t qualify if I followed those narrow parameters.

Basically, I’ve included stuff that I’ve enjoyed since the start of the pandemic. Some stuff is new (released in 2021). Some stuff is new to me – because I’m always a day late. And some stuff was reissued, but not new to me, and I happened to grab a copy.

I certainly didn’t include everything here or on the related IG story I posted earlier. But, both the IG stories and this episode will give you some insight as to what I’ve been listening to since the initial lock-downs to now.

Here’s some of what I’ve been into;

Benediction, Khiis, Imploders, Chain Whip, Spy, The Nat Turner Rebellion, Permission, Groove Theory, Histamine, Kong Kong, Perdition Sect, Slant, No Escape, Gism, John Du Cann, Sial, The Feelies, Purple Image and Taqbir.

Thanks checking in!

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