Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 39: The Danzig Ambush

It’s an AMBUSH!!! But, it’s also Halloween so we’re talkin’ Danzig. But in the spirit of the season, TRICKS not treats, and jump scares, I’ve attacked several of my unknowing friends with a question; Of Danzig’s three biggest projects (Danzig, Samhain and Misfits), what are the 3 best songs?

I ambushed Chris Wyatt (co-host Nickel City Soundtrack), Dave Neeson (writer/artist of Gorgonessa, guitarist of Harriet the Spy), Brittany Nader (producer/co-host of WKSU’s Shuffle), Mike Thorn (Razor Blades & Aspirin), Rich Miles (co-host of Nothing Better to Do, bassist Constatine Sakathi), Bob Shedd (co-host In Search of Tracks and Axe to Grind), Jenn Kidd (Executive Director of The Nightlight Theater), Erick Eagol (co-host of Keeping it 99), and most IMPORTANTLY, Pete Hilton (co-host of In Search of Tracks). Pete has gone on record as saying that The Misfits are NOT a Halloween band. Of course, Pete is entitled to his entirely wrong opinion.

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