Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 35: Brent Gargus, Dave Neeson and Matt Horak Part 2 "Horak Attack Pack"

Some musicians and skaters are also artists. Some musician and skaters are also writers. NEARLY ALL musicians and skaters are nerds of some kind and here is the episode to support that statement. My brother Brent and I got together with Dave Neeson (guitarist of Harriet the Spy and writer/artist of Gorgonessa) and Matt Horak (artist of The Punisher, Deadpool vs. Spiderman, North Mythology, Iron Age, Dr. Crowe, Octoskull) to talk about some deep nerd shit. Comic books, heroes, villains and films. I’ve been planning on doing and episode like this for quite some time. I’ve had a lot of false starts, but here it is! This was a lot of fun and I hope to do more episodes like this in the future.

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