Bleachmouth Post Script
Episode 13: Five and Change "Not Loved Enough"

Here’s one to tide you over for a minute. It is another one with me running my mouth for extended periods of time. This time I ramble about 7″ Eps that I feel are underrated or not well know. Of course, this is all subjective….and who asked me anyway, right?
The bands/Eps covered; Dexter Chumley Attack “Death in Small Doses” (Rubber City Records), Slipknot s/t (Revelation), Out Cold “No Eye Contact” (Kangaroo), Nukkehammer “A Distant Hissing in Your Ear” (Nukkehammer Records), Insight (UK) “Beyond the Circle” (Stand As One), Failure Face s/t (Burrito Records), Failure Face/Ulcer split (Burrito Records), Iabhorher (Slap-A-Ham), Cop Out (Team Murder USA), Self Loathing “Seasonal Depression” (Life After Death/Dawnbreed Records)

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